season two

Josin and Westan save each other.

When the Tulu ambushed them and took them as captives, they kept each other alive. When Westan was dying and Josin was beaten, they helped each other heal. When the time came to run, they kept each other from falling. When the Tulu came again, it was both their hands that cut down the Laughing Man.

This time, it won’t be enough.

The Blessing is gone. The Brothers of Arisyar are dying. The goddess has abandon them, and their people have betrayed them. The only salvation lies deep in the heart of the Wilds, but to get to it will require more than either of them realizes.

It will require everything.

If they are going to live through the obstacles before them, Josin and Westan will have to uncover all the lies that have shaped their lives. They will have to face the way they’ve been shaped by manipulations. They will find long-buried secrets and plots that have been in motion for hundreds of years.

They are strong together. But to survive what they find, they will have to stand alone.